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Berit Schlote and Sunrise Avenue

In April 2016, I bought Sunny on the Birkengestüt Laura.

I was looking for a horse which I could train myself. It should be my first own horse with which I could grow together and learn right from the beginning.

A horse with which I could ride training courses, competitions and hunts one day.

After a telephone call, I was asked to come the next day to get to know Sunny. Tatjana and Laura took a lot of time for me. While running, Sunny showed her great paces and her enormous energy.

With the excellent purchase inspection, it became obvious that Sunny and me would go our way together.

Sunny settled in the new drove quickly. When dealing with her, she is honest, honest like a lamb. Starting to ride with her didn’t create any problems. I was / I am totally delighted how she behaves in road traffic. No matter whether being guided or ridden, tractors or motorbikes or trucks – Sunny always keeps cool. In terrain, she can also be handled by weaker riders.

With the first few jumping lessons, I could quickly take away her scepticism towards jumping so that I can marvel at her progress every hour. We mastered our first hunts with flying colors.

Sunny is a horse which convinces with her enormous ridability.

Even during a drag hunting with 40 horses and 20 dogs, she convinces with her strength of nerve and she absolutely comes to the aid.

While being trained and in the terrain, she shows her ambition and her reliability every day.

We will use the dark winter days to make her getting used to carriages. The first attempts to drag a tire and to run next to a carriage were completed by her dutifully.

In the next year, we want to participate in our first tournament and we will try to master a short-distance ride of 40 km.

When my bachelor thesis will be due, Sunny will probably make a baby break.

Within half of a year, Sunny developed to a great riding and family horse. I am excited to see what the next few years will still hold for us.

Many thanks to the Birkengestüt Laura for the honest and fair sales conversation and of course to Sunny who made the desire to have my own horse become a dream!

Best wishes from Hesse

Sunny & Berit