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Family Drothen and Cagancho

On the search for a loyal fellow we found the Birkengestüt Laura on the internet. Gorgeous, trimmed horses in a great atmosphere were available for sale. After a friendly conversation on the telephone, a viewing appointment for the next day was scheduled directly. An extensive conversation, during which our whishes were precisely detected, followed. Mrs. K introduced some horses to us which were also all demonstrated to us in riding by her professional team.

We took a lot of time for this and we were talking in a way as if we had known each other for years already. In the end, a reserved, small (actually we were looking for a completely different hands high) Lusitano entered the hall. We soon realized, an amazing horse with extremely beautiful movements. After a brief greeting and trial ride, we bought Caganho. Exactly like it has been the case with our first horse, we were electrified immediately. Our small Spaniard built up confidence within a short time, is extremely docile and surprises us every single day. We want to thank the Birkengestüt Laura for their understanding, the time and the professional support in finding a new partner.
Best wishes family Drothen.
Further photos can be viewed on Facebook: Cagancho & Memories of Fame.